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Your dean knows a great thing when he has it – and I have sung your praises to every student looking for credit in an art class. YOU are sooooo special - I can understand the halo, but I still wonder how you fit those wings under a shirt! I do so wish I had a magic wand, not for myself, but to give to you. You are one of the most dedicated and sweetest persons I have ever known, and yet it seems like you are always taking a backseat to others. I should be congratulating you for being an example of compassion, understanding, selflessness and an absolute poster boy for the ideal husband. I miss you terribly and my classes now are just credit fulfillments. I have a wonderful math teacher, but there will never be another Darrell "Helen" Schultz - ha! You are the only person I know that can make me laugh at a computer screen and visualize more than just words. I will write you again soon. Always in my thoughts and prayers.

God (has) blessed you,

New Students,

You just might not be ready for this class. You can manage the course material. Your teacher explains all deadlines and gives you ample time to complete all assignments. As if that was not enough, he allows you to EARN (and I do mean "earn") up to 50 bonus points! Wow! But you still might not be ready for this class.

See, the thing is, this class is not just about art and history. This class is about life. It is about evaluating your moral, ethical, and political views. It is about understanding where you formed these views and why. It might even force you to change the way you think about certain issues. Your comfort zone will soon be threatened. You will research your ideals to explain them to others. You are not going to be able to say, "I like green because it is the best color. You will have to tell why..."

You are going to read opinions - totally opposite from yours - and understand why some one would feel that way (and maybe start to feel that way, too). You might have the opportunity to change someone else's mind, but if your posts are incorrect and filled with no evidence to back-up your opinion...well, your words of wisdom will fall on deaf ears. This class is about accepting that there is Grey area in this world. A lot of issues are not black-and-white, and you will probably come to terms with that in yourself. The box you live in that contains your views and beliefs will be tugged, pulled, and sometimes ripped open like a child unwrapping a gift. Are you prepared for that? Can you handle admitting you were at least partially wrong on an issue? If you are not ready for that, you might not be ready for this class. So BEWARE. For those of you who are ready, congratulations. Your new mentor is one of the few special people who were born to teach. He is going to touch your lives and hearts. He is going to make you eager and hungry for learning. He is going to share with you what it is like to be in love with learning. He is going to be your captain...enjoy your voyage.


You truly have the gift of teaching. There are only three secondary/college teachers who I have met who have the gift. I can only hope I will be up to par when I pursue my career.

Hey, Mr. Schultz, How are you? I can't thank you enough for your prayers and for your teaching. You are the best teacher that I have ever taken a class from. I have raved about you to my friends, family, and those at LCCC. It's not every day that you find a teacher who wants to actually get to know you. I appreciate how you share the ups and downs of your experiences in life. For example, in Art History 2, when you shared the tragedy of one of your favorite students committing suicide, that was very touching to me that you let your students know that they can talk to you. I'm very well blessed and have a very supportive family who I can talk to about anything, but there are many people out there that aren't that fortunate, and I thank you for that. If you think this is my last class with you, WRONG!, I enrolled in your fall Art and Music course. I love your classes and your teaching. Are you going to be teaching an Art Appreciation class in the future? I think that's something that I would enjoy. But, thank you, again, for your inspiration, your prayers, and for just being a great mentor.


Dear Mr. Schultz,

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this class....and my teacher. I was scared coming into this class because it was my first internet course. Now, I want to take as many internet courses as possible! Which classes do you teach online in the fall? I made two new friends in this class, which I doubt would have happened in the traditional classroom. Good luck in the future and thanks for being a mentor!!

Mr. Schultz,

Thank You for making this class worthwhile. I thought at first I wasn't going to like it, but you sparked my interest and kept it the entire semester. I look forward to Art History 2. Next semester is my last one here at LCCC, and I know you will make it an exciting one. I look forward to all your e-mails as well as your review games. To me, you make learning what it should be, FUN!!! Speaking from my heart, I would just like to say, "If I am half the teacher to my students as you have been to me, and the rest of our class, in this short time, I know I will succeed at teaching". Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


I want to compliment you on how organized you have your Internet course and how quickly you respond when written to. My family has encountered instructors who sometimes never respond and you must figure things out by yourself. Sir, you are the best-organized instructor I've personally ever had.

(The following paragraph was written by a former student, sent to President Charles Hall, of Lake City Community College, which he passed onto Mr. Schultz immediately before the start of the Fall, 2002, school term:)

"Professor Darrell Schultz has developed the standard the college should adopt for any and all internet course offerings. His course was interesting, interactive, challenging, enthusiastic and imaginative. His command of the medium and his ability to present a dynamic class was apparent from the first log-on. I recommend you solicit his input in developing a model internet course."

I know how "scary" an internet class can be, but I also know that by taking the "risk" is worth it. Doc Schultz takes the internet class to a much higher level than your average instructor (but then again, he is not average) Yeehaw. His class assignments are in terms that even I can understand and he participates along with his students. He is a wonderful instructor who truly cares for the success of his students. I was fortunate to be able to take Art/Music and Art History 1 with the "Art Doc" and both class were full of fun and surprises. If you are still hesitant, take the plunge, you won't regret it!

Good luck to all of you.

What a class!!!!!!!!! You will NEVER, NEVER have a teacher who is better than Mr. Schultz. He not only is a great mentor but a very caring person. He cares about you, where you are. You do not have to be an A, B, C or D student. He will take you through the class at the level you are and make you feel VERY SPECIAL in the process.

I have never been into art because I am a "bean-counter." I am not artistic in any way, shape, form or fashion, but I truly loved the class.

I completed the class at mid-point but have kept up with every posting, I just do not want the class to end. What a treat this COMPLETE class has been.

If you don’t stay with it, you will miss out on a tremendous pleasure. IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Schultz, what a blessing you have been. This has been a tremendous pleasure. I can't say "Thank You" long enough or loud enough. Art "things" just were not my "thing", but boy did my head get pointed in another direction. Talking about a SPECIAL MENTOR, you are the greatest. You are one teacher that I will NEVER EVER forget. Thanks for being who you are.

I LOVE THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you could teach EVERYTHING......I would go to school forever.

This class has been wonderful! I appreciate not having to buy a textbook. I have learned a lot about Art History and had fun in the process! What I like best about this class is the freedom of being able to voice my opinion and express myself creatively!

I love the way the instructor designed the course! I was very nervous about taking this course online, but Mr. Schultz anticipated all my fears and answered most of my questions before I even asked them. He has graded my work and answered by emails faster than any other instructor. Follow his instructions and I'm sure you will love this course.

When I started this class I was overwhelmed with all the e-mail I was receiving from the teacher. I felt as though I would never make it through the course if I were required to be on the internet all the time. However, I was very wrong; once I finished the first few units I realized how easy things could be. Besides, if you ever need help, Mr. Schultz is only a click away. I'm not going to say that it will be an easy "A", but if determined you can jump this hurdle with ease. All the materials are laid out for you, as of day one, and you have the option to work as fast as you'd like. Even with having four children, one of which is still a baby I was able to finish the course 9 weeks ahead of time. It was a great feeling to know that I received an "A" in this course and I did it early. What does all of this mean to you as the new student? My point is to give you a little encouragement when things get tough. This class will be one that, in the end, you walk away from feeling very educated. I would recommend this class to everyone I know. Here's wishing you the very best and a hope that you learn as much as I did.

Mr. Schultz, your comments are encouraging. I look back at your email when I need to be more like the "Little Engine that Could," when I run out of steam, or lack inspiration. My current career path led me to declare Business Administration as my major, but I am interested in art and antiques, as well as library and information services. If my academic path changes direction and moves toward art history, you should take the credit. Thanks for making learning and hard work not only rewarding but interesting. :-)

My self confidence has been pretty much in the toilet and I cannot tell you how much your class means to me. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a wonderful mentor and I hope someday to emulate your example. Thankyou, Thank you, Thank you!

Doc, I was amazed by the energy and time that you put into each and every unit, all the different types of fun reviews, and your unending words of encouragement and enlightenment (pushing us ever so far along this long and winding road of art history). Your constant dedication to us has meant so much to me. You have opened up my eyes and caused me to explore the unknown and to push the envelope of my imagination.

Goodness sakes, yes, I enjoyed this course! That's why it's so difficult, for me, to accept that some students will CHOOSE to fail. Why? This is more than textbook material. It's about finding ones essence and discovering answers to questions one might never have even ASKED before. So what if you get "C's," or even "D's," on materials if you're having fun and take something with you the rest of your life? But, to choose to do nothing, turn in things late, and fail, that is something I don't understand.

Mr. Mentor, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful teacher you are and that your emails just seem to make my day when I'm having a rough one. 

I really enjoy your daily e mails. When you add personal stuff about your family it is really uplifting. It is such a joy to have an instructor who cares as much as you do. Thanks, Mr. Schultz.

I just want to reaffirm that this has been an amazing class. I have learned so much. I would have liked to have had more time and delve into some of the topics a little deeper. My 12 year old and I were studying King Tut at the same time. We both thought that was simply cool. We were able to bounce things off each other. I had difficulty towards the end of the class but everyone in this class lifted my spirits and has given me encouragement to hang in there. I cannot remember when I have had such an enjoyable time in school.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. I see what you mean about students not wanting it (the course) to end.

Thank you!! You are truly a great teacher and I have really enjoyed this class. It's too bad it has to end. I really want to take another one of your courses, so you will probably see me in the fall!!

Thank you! So many (college) teachers feel that in order to let their students grow, they (the teacher) have to be "all business". I loved the laid back atmosphere of this class and I will say just that to your future students. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Good luck with future classes, or should I say, "God bless"! 

Hi!! how are you doing. I really enjoyed your class. I never cared much for art, but learning about its history has been very satisfying. Thank you for all your help throughout the semester. You are a credit to all teachers. THANK YOU


Have you heard that country song "Joe?"

You are a good man, teach. You are constantly passing on the really important things in life, like "kindness." 

Well, I am finally finished with my college degree and I just wanted to say 'thank you.' I really have enjoyed having you as a teacher (I have had you for three classes now). The best of luck with your future classes.

To the dean of the department:

I am presently enrolled in Art History II, over the internet, with Mr. Darrell Schultz. I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed his class. Mr. Schultz makes it fun and easy to learn. I would, with no hesitation, recommend and suggest this class for anyone interested in learning about art history. His approach seems to be not teaching, but assisting, his students in learning. His class is a great way to round off my Lake City Community College studies that spanned over twenty-one years, capping it all with my A.A. degree.

I was just telling one of your bosses, tonight in class, what a cool idea you had (although it's currently testing the limits of my optic nerves) to conceptualize and fabricate a 'journal' of a week with a Renaissance artist. Hats off to you for that whole concept!

You're a great (for a lack of a more flowery word that's already probably been used to describe a make of car or brand of deordorant) teacher and, as I've really been contemplating teaching as a career, myself, this class has had a real impact on the way I will make the decisions leading to that. The fact that instead of shying away from the internet as a communciation tool, you decided to just leap head-first into it is an awesome unsaid statement. The way people feel free to communicate without any social barriers/stereotypes in your class chat forums and discussion boards, to me, is a glimpse of what teaching/learning will be like in the future.

I am sure that you always get thank you letters from you students. You have no idea how unique you are as a teacher. I have never had a teacher like you before. It has truly been a great experience. Seriously, thank you very much.

Mr. Schultz,

I think it is wonderful how much you love your family. I don't have a family but I hope that one day my husband will feel as much love for our children as you feel for yours. I have enjoyed both your classes and I have told many people about them. I hope you know that no matter where you teach at your students will always have a special bond with you. 

To all of the new internet students I would just like to say, "Don't WORRY," and I am serious. When I first enrolled in Mr. Schultz's Art History 2 class I was terrified. I e-mailed him at least once a day (sometimes twice) with questions. He was always there to help me. He takes you step by step through the process and makes his teaching technique easy for everyone. All you have to do is pay attention to the absolute deadline days and you will be fine. Also, though the review games are optional, I HIGHLY reccommend you participate because you might luck out an, occassionally, get a few TEST ANSWERS!! He is the only teacher in my history at LCCC that does this. The games are fun, too. Stay up on your Gordon Rule Papers or, by the end of the semester, you will want to pull your hair out! I was fortunate enough that I had Mr. Schultz for two classes/semesters and he was just as equally nice the second time around. Hope you all enjoy this class as well as I did and have fun. Just remember, absolute deadlines are ABSOLUTE and review games are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! :)

I cannot say enough about the internet classes taught by Mr. Schultz. I had only opened e-mail and played games on the computer before I took his Art History 2 internet class. I was scared to death!! But, Mr. Schultz gives you COMPLETE instructions, often so detailed you wonder if you're really that basic. The review games are THE BEST way I've found to study for test, and I wish more teachers would use them. You learn to navigate the search engines, and at the same time, learn more than you ever thought you could! If you have even the slightest concern, Mr. Schultz is right there to give you guidance and make you feel secure. I've e-mailed him dozens of times, sometimes more than three times a day, and he gets right back to me, always helpful and never irritated!! He will lead you by the hand until you can stand on your own feet, which will be before you know it! I recommend this class, or any that Mr. Schultz teaches. I received Art History lessons, and computer lessons, for the price of one class. Pretty good, I'd say..

This is the best class that I have ever taken in my LIFE. I was scared to death when I first read the syllabus with all of the due dates and assignments. I wrote out schedule after schedule, making sure that I would not forget an assignment. Then the first one came along and, with the help of this wonderful teacher, we were reminded several times of the assignments due. How could we forget?! The idea of review games scared me at first, too, but this is something that you should really participate in. It helps so much with the tests that follow. The topics were not boring like some of the other classes and he personalizes the assignments (which I though was very interesting). If you have a question or a problem, all you have to do is send him an email and he will have an answer for you asap! Besides being extremely familiar with the art class and the chapter topics, Mr. Schultz is familiar with life. He allows you to look at things in a different light and he helps you all the way. I hate the thought of this class ending. I looked forward to the many emails that Mr. Schultz sent with words of encouragement that seemed to help on that day that was just not going so well. Just keep trudging through and you will make it to the end! (Hopefully with a good grade and a new look on the art world.) I know that I look at things differently now. Best of luck with your class. Remember to be nice to Mr. Schultz, he is a teacher that you will never forget! I know that he has changed the way I look at things and I am a better person for it!

You are going to really enjoy this class and Mr. Schultz is very helpful. If you have problems all you have to do is let him know and he will help no matter what time it is. The first time I emailed a question to him at midnight and got a reply right back I almost fell off my chair. Just hang in there and try your best and you will do well.

If there is one piece of advice that I can offer to all incoming students in any of Mr. Schultz's classes it's, "Don't stress about this class." When I first decided to take a class with Mr. Schultz, I registered for "Art and Music," and I was scared. I had taken one other internet class and I didn't like it at all. After registering, I e-mailed him to let him know and he sent back a very encouraging e-mail telling me about the class. I worked my way through that class and loved it. I learned a lot about the internet, but, most importantly, that Mr. Schultz is a truly caring teacher. After I took "Art and Music," I decided to take "Art History II." Again, I have worked my way through this class and loved it. With Mr. Schultz you not only learn about art, but you learn it is a fun way. Since I have taken these two classes with Mr. Schutlz and loved each of them, I again have decided to take the third and final course that he offers in the fall. I highly recommend any one of Mr. Schultz's classes to everyone, even if you aren't a computer whiz. He is there for you through out the entire class.

Mr. Schultz is like no other teacher I've ever had. He's very down to earth, very funny, really caring, and just awesome. So, I hope you enjoy him, no, I know you will enjoy him. Just don't worry now, you'll see.

Mr. Schultz, give yourself a pat on the back tonight, you are a heck of an instructor. Everyone was so excited, tonight, in the chatroom for the review game. How could it be more rewarding than that? I LOVE EDUCATION, I LOVE THE PROCESS OF LEARNING. It is going to be hard for this course to be over. 

The way you wrote the very last unit of the course was so touching that you made me cry! What God has placed in your heart surely shows. I hope you never doubt that you are fullfilling the calling that God had led you to.

P.S. - You will never believe this....I went to the dry cleaners today to pick up my husband's shirts. Someone had placed a painting of "Starry Night," by Van Gogh, on the wall. I said, "That is starry night, and it is beautiful" the way I talked them into selling it to me! It is now on the wall of my study, and I can look at it as I write this letter to you. Thanks, teach! 

This class has opened my eyes to things around me. For instance, until a couple of weeks ago, I walked by our refrigerator, as I have thousands of times, without noticing much about it (except that it keeps all my goodies cool and fresh). But, there is a picture that has hung on it for years. It's size is about 11"x17" and it is laminated. It was drawn by my oldest son in the second grade; he is now a senior. So, it's 10 years old. In ten YEARS I never paid it any attention (other than knowing mama keep it for sentimental reasons). But, as I stopped and really looked at his old drawing, I was truly amazed at how good it actually was! All these years I never really took the time to see that. Now, I observed the colors and the different scenes he had drawn into his work. I was really impressed at what I had not noticed 10 years ago when he first brought it home, or in the years since that it has hung on our fridge. It's a picture of a spaceship that gets caught in a meteor storm. What I never noticed before was the detail and that the picture actually told a story just by looking at it. It inspired me to dig out all the kids' old art work from days gone by, and I found myself pretty emotional in the process. What I had taken for granted and, in most cases, just took a glancing look at when the kids showed me their work, was actually very interesting. Some of it like my son's picture mentioned earlier could and should have been praised and built upon. But, at the time, being ignorant in art I thought it was something all kids had to do. I did not realize that these simple works if nurtured the right way and with support could have become a life's work for one of my kids.

If I never get anything else from your course this one experience has been worth any amount of time or money invested. I attribute my new found view of the way I see things to your style of teaching and the care you have for the students. I have a long way to go to get the degree I seek and probably will never achieve it, but if I can continue to have learning experiences like in your class it won't matter. My life has been blessed at my age, to have my eyes opened, to see the world in a little different light. And, for that, I thank YOU. I pray you will continue to be blessed and that your teaching style will inspire many others.

I also wanted to let you know that I LOVED your class. This is, by far, the best internet class that I have ever taken. The ones that I have taken in the past I have felt like I was just an email address and a grade to the teacher, but I know that you are different. My major is education, and I hope that, one day, my students will enjoy my class as much as I have enjoyed yours. Thank you for being such a great teacher! 

Hi, I am a single mom. Internet courses are the way to go. I like to be able to schedule my homework when my daughter is at her dad's or after I put her to bed. By doing this, I still have quality time with my daughter (plus I have time to do some work around the house). All this happens, of course, after I come home from work. Mr. Schultz makes the class interesting and keeps you informed on what is going on, almost on a daily basis. I like that because you know that the teacher really cares about his students and really wants to help them learn. Students like that in a teacher.

Hi, I am a full-time student working towards an A.A. This was the third course that I signed up for on the internet. This semester I have 4 internet courses including this one. Today, I finished my entire art semester in just 40 days. That is one of the most wonderful things about an internet class. You can work at your own pace, and around your own schedule. Mr Schultz has made this course very easy and interesting. Sometimes it looks like a lot of stuff, but it really isn't. The tests are completely over the material covered and he gives you ample time to finish each one. By the time the course is done you will have a tidy body of knowledge about a variety of artists and artworks. I will never pass a building again and not notice if the columns are fluted or appear to be Doric or Corinthian. But the best part is that it is all pretty painless. Not everyone will finish as fast as I did, but it is not hard to get everything done within the alloted time. By the way, you will never have another instructor keep in touch and be available to you as Mr Schultz. Most work turned in is graded within 1-2 days, he answers email all day, and sends you communication regarding deadlines. I absolutely loved this course. 

Professor Schultz,

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my "Discussion Board" posts. Your comments and commitment to this class are outstanding! Even from your sick bed you still continue to encourage others! Hope you don't mind, but I have shared your SPECIAL way of teaching with my co-workers. They are fully amazed, as I am, to see a teacher so dedicated to his students and profession. You will be GREATLY MISSED during the summer and fall classes, but I understand your commitment to your family comes first. You seem to be as dedicated to your family as you are to your students. Family also comes first for me, hence the twenty-year-wait for school. Thank you again for your encouraging words, I can float on them for a week or two!

Don't worry! This class is great. Just stay focused and log in (at least) every other day, otherwise you'll get behind. Mr. Schultz is able to take this internet class to the level of a real classroom. In fact, I am able to learn more by reading the course documents than I am by listening to a lecture.

This was the first Internet class I have had, and I have to say it was outstanding. Our teacher, Mr. Schultz, was a great educator. Not only do you get to learn in a fun atmosphere, you work pretty much at your own pace. This made it great for me, since I work full time. There is a lot to get accomplished during the course. However, everything is laid out for you at the beginning, including the required deadlines for all assignments. Mr. Schultz is there for you every step of the way if problems arise.

When I started this course, I thought teacher interaction would be a problem, but - as I quickly learned - I had more response from Mr. Schultz than with teachers on some campuses in a face-to-face environment.

There was always something different to do during the course, such as the discussion board and review games. I would urge everyone to attend the review games. Not only are they fun but you might stumble across answers for the upcoming test. That’s right, Mr. Schultz might actually give out answers to a few of the actual test questions, which is important since the tests are timed and you will need every minute to finish them.

This course definitely is not a pushover for an “A”. However, if you apply yourself, get the required work done and get it in on time, it will be achievable. I thought this would be a boring class with nothing to keep my interest. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I have learned so much about art and music that I had never thought of before. Mr. Schultz certainly has a unique teaching style. I think you will find it very challenging and rewarding. If you follow the outline he sets forth, everything will be fine, though. Enjoy the learning experience and be prepared to broaden your view of art and music. 

When I first signed up for art and music online I was kind of skeptical because I didn't think that I would learn anything. I was very wrong!! I learned a variety of things about music types that I had really never learned about before, from Classical to African-American. I also learned many things about composers like Beethoven. Make sure you listen to the external links, they're great!! I was also amazed at the convenience of the course. It doesn't matter what time of the day that you feel like doing classwork. The classroom is always open. I would also like to comment on the mentor, Mr. Schultz. He is wonderful!! He will work with you in any way that he can to help you learn and keep up with the suggested pace. Good Luck!!!

You are in for a "real treat" by taking an Internet course with Mr. Schultz. The "trick" is in the way he leads you to learn. Be prepared to spend at least 2-3 hours each week on the computer. You may not want to now, but you will. This Art and Music, internet class has been the most enjoyable internet class as of yet (I seriously don't think that anyone can top Mr. Schultz as a teachor or "mentor"). You know the old saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." Well, Mr. Schultz will make you thirsty as he leads you to the water and you will gulp it down and stand waiting for more (if you view yourself in the horse's position). Well, enjoy and definitely do all the research work (and then some, you'll need it).

Good morning to you, sir. One of my former classmates from "Art & Music", and myself, are both taking another teacher's internet class this semester. I started reading over the class syllabus yesterday. Though it doesn't seem too bad, it won't be your class, though. *sigh* I recommend your class everywhere and we praise you highly all the time during lunches together. We've told the vice-president of the school how much of an asset you are to Lake City Community College. We also tell him that we need to get you back on campus. I told him you would even teach the trees....I am trying for you.

For those of you that have never taken an internet class, this will be a great experience for you. Mr. Schultz is one of the best instructors you could have! He not only makes the class fun but also doesn't mind helping you on anything. This was my first internet class and I will be taking Mr. Schultz again. Be ready to learn and read what he writes to you because not only will you learn a lot about art and music but also everyday life!! Good luck and have fun, which I know you will! You will leave this class with a lot of new friends!!

I took this class because a friend told me how easy it was. Boy, were they wrong! The class was not EASY, it was FUN. Mr. Schultz made this class so much fun that I forgot that I was getting educated in the process. Mr. Schultz must sleep with his computer; I've never e-mailed him and not gotten a response back within the hour no matter the time of night.

Mr. Schultz has a wonderful sense of humor. There have been times when I have sat at my computer and laughed for what seemed like hours. I wish everyone coming into this class the best of luck. 

Enjoy this class, you will learn much and you will have a good time doing so. I started out expecting this class to be a little "boring." Well, it turns out that i enjoyed the class so much, I enrolled for Mr. Schultz's next "art history class" available via the internet. You will realize, in your studies, that the past has made quite an impression on the present day. Just a small word of advice: you start out with a steady pace, but do everything you can, as soon as it is assigned. Then, you will not have the last minute rush and you will be able to relax the last weeks of the course, because you will be finished. Make your posts on time, because those 'extra credit points' add up! Remember that the gordon rule essays are very important, if you do not turn in even one of them, you fail the class. AND REMEMBER, HAVE FUN!!! YOU WILL NOT SOON FORGET WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED, I PROMISE, LOTS OF LUCK.

I just wanted to let you know that this is one class you will be glad that you took. I know that, at first, it looks a bit overwhelming, but I promise you that you will enjoy this class. This is my third class with Mr. Schultz and I can honestly say that he is a wonderful teacher. He will work with you any way that he can.

I have a few ideas for you to keep in mind while taking this class. Do not panic when it is time to start writing your Gordon Rule papers, they are not hard at all. Just use your imagination and have fun with them. BUT MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALL TURNED IN ON TIME AND THAT YOU HAVE 3500 WORDS. When it comes to the research questions you will have to work, but the more you do the easier they become. I hope that everyone takes advantage of the review games because not only do you get extra credit, but you also might get an answer or two for the test. So, if there is anyway that you can make it for the games, I say do it. Oh yeah, I almost left out the discussion board. That is a very important part of this class. It is the place where you can comment on what you have learned, you get to see different view points. All of this helps you to broaden your understanding of the subject.

Most of all I hope that you all enjoy this class as much as I have. I am sorry to say that this will be my last class with Mr. Schultz as I am graduating in May. Remember, have fun, open your mind, and let it all in.

I have had about 5 Internet courses so far, two having Mr. Schultz as an instructor. These two were, by far, the best! Mr. Schultz makes the learning fun and interesting and when the learning is fun, it makes it a lot easier to do the work. Stay on top of your work and the class will be a breeze. Have fun....

Mr. Schultz,

YOU, have touched my life, but more importantly, YOU have changed my view of life. YOU have enriched me with the knowledge to see life through a bigger pair of goggles, which has been better than the telescope I once used.

Your Art and Music class enabled me to absorb more of the Church's gradure and realize the history that surounded me and the greatness in which it was built. Thank you for opening up my world and allowing me to open up the worlds of my children.

I am saddened by the thought of not getting any emails from you after the class is over. I look forward to them each week. Thank you for being the person that you are and Thanks for teaching the class even though you live in Texas. Most professors would have moved and left Lake City and the college in their dust. Thanks.

Wait and see: after this class you will no longer fear internet classes.

The review games are the best because you get to know classmates and your teacher plus you sometimes get answers to the test. When you get assigned research questions you will definitely learn how to use the internet for research (if no other teacher hasn't already made you learn how to do research).

I really will miss your inspiration, but I have saved some of your work.

I found this class to be very enlightening, refreshing, and fun. There is a lot of work that is required but it isn't work that you will dread doing. The more you research the more you want to look for. I guess you could say in the words of our fun-loving teacher, "It is work with a purpose". It was a fun course and I feel I gained a lot of knowledge from the work I did. I enjoyed the many e-mails from Mr. S. and the other students in the class. 

To all the new art and music internet class students,

I was not very familiar with the internet and computers in general, but if I needed any help, Mr. Schultz would be more than willing to help in any way possible! One day, I could not figure out how to send something and he sent me a step-by-step e-mail telling me how to do it! He is very personable, which is more than you can say about some teachers you sit in a classroom with every week for 18 weeks! It is work, but it is work you can enjoy! Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the assignments you forget you are doing homework! Stick with the class for the first few weeks, it does get easier and you have fun! You will learn more than art and music! You learn about computers, life lessons from Mr. Schultz, and many more things! Stay with it! God bless and enjoy the class!

"Art and Music" is a great course to take. I would not say it was 'easy,' I would say you have to follow the prescribed pace (stay ahead, if possible). I loved the 'Research Questions' the most; I always learned something else while searching for an answer.

Mr. Schultz is a great teacher. He is prompt in grading and responding to emails. He will always take the extra time to share special moments and respond to your special times you choose to share with him. The emails he'll send to you are great! They may be long, but they made me take extra time to do things I like to do even though my busy schedule said "No" (like watch the sun go down, take my kids to the park, or call my mom just to say "Hello"). They even made me smile when I wanted to cry.

There are a lot of good teachers and a few great ones. Mr. Schultz is a great teacher. Not only will you take art and music history with you when you leave this class, you will have a broader view of yourself, others and look at artists in a different way.

Future Art and Music students:

Well, my time has ended and your time is just begining. I will certainly miss the class, it has been an adventure. I have enjoyed it greatly, and you will, too. Mr. Schultz is definitely 'different,' but 'different' in a good way. Don't just skip the external links because you think they are not important. You learn a lot from them and get a better understanding of what the book and Mr. Schultz are talking about. I loved the class and hope you get out of it as much as I did. 

Mr. Schultz makes this course fun with lots of communication (not all business either!) and he CARES! He takes you through each lesson step by step, so don't be intimidated if you don't have internet experience. Take advantage of the review games. I was apprehensive about participating at first, thinking I would feel stupid by not knowing any answers. I think you'll find by participating that you learned more than you think you did (like I did). HAVE FUN! 

At first, I thought this class was going to be kind of boring. But I'll have to admit, I was wrong. I learned a lot of stuff about art and music that I had no clue about. Most of it wasn't even from the books, but from Mr. Schultz's own words. A word of advice: Don't wait until the last minute to do the 4 Gordon Rule papers or else you'll be rushing to get them done, I'm speaking from experience :) Good Luck!!!!!!

I have really enjoyed the class and your way of teaching has been refreshing!

Mr. Schultz,

I just want to thank you for being a great teacher. You are a very kind and patient man. You are an awesome teacher and very fun. The class was fun and I learned a lot. I just wanted to tell you "Thanks" and "God bless"!

Mr. Schultz is very personable and very intelligent...quick-witted, and patient. Try to keep pace with the class, and turn in your work early.... Good luck. God bless. 

Have a good day, My Mentor. You have added a little more spice to my life

When I first signed up for this class I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but, boy, was it worth it! This was an awesome class. I never knew learning art and music could be so much fun.

This class has been a real mind expander for me. The great thing is you don't realize you're learning so much until you start to apply it in everyday situations. Mr. S. is an AWESOME person. He really cares about all his students. I know, my computer crashed right in the middle of the class and he was really great about it. He even sent me a whole page of how-to and such. Keep in touch with him and he will work you through anything!!! I really enjoyed this class with him and would take another one of his internet courses.

You'll quickly learn that Mr. Schultz has a different way of helping his students learn.